5 Benefits of Google Shopping Ads Every Business Should Know About

Do you know that 49% of users look for products on Google before buying a product online? Thus, businesses and even e-commerce stores first display their products on Google to promote their products to thousands of customers. Its product listing ads are a great marketing tool and help improve the visibility of the products. Thus, a digital marketing company in Jaipur ensures to add Google shopping ads to their business strategy to promote their products and get more customers.

Google shopping ads, since 2012, have emerged as the most useful marketing tool for all businesses. When you advertise using this platform, you expose your brand to multiple people, which has a direct effect on the growth of your business.

An e-commerce retailer also uses Google shopping ads to market its product to customers who have a high purchase intent. Why? Because most customers search for a product on Google, and if an online store lists its product on a Google shopping ad, their work is done.

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What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping is a product listing advertisement by Google. These are special ads displaying product information in detail in Google search results. The ads include all details, like product name, price, image, and merchant name. If your e-commerce website uses WooCommerce, an e- ecommerce web development plugin, Google shopping ads are beneficial for you. It lets you rank in the top results for related searches. 

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5 benefits of Google shopping ads every business should be aware of

It enhances the visibility of your products


Google shopping ads should be part of your marketing strategy because it increase the visibility of the product on Google searches. Using Google shopping ads, you increase the chances of the ads being visible to the customers as it can appear twenty ad positions up. It enhances your products in multiple ways like:

  • Google search ads are visually appealing in comparison to regular ads. 
  • These ads target all the relevant keywords related to the product. Thus, there is a higher bracket of appealing to more people. 
  • These ads also come up in image searches increasing visibility.
  • All this visibility comes from people with high purchasing intent. Thus, it increases sales for your business.

Better return on ad spend

Digital marketers and businesses expect a high return on every dollar they spend on advertising while growing their businesses. If you are looking for this too, using Google Shopping Ads to promote your business is ideal. Indeed, Google Shopping advertisements do not guarantee a product’s sale. However, the advertisements generate better revenue and provide a better ROI on your investment than other regular ads that you run. Thus, implementing Google shopping ads does mean getting better sales and a better ROI on your ad spend.

It happens because the customer can see the visuals, price, and other details of the products. It increases their curiosity, and they click on the product link. Thus, it undoubtedly increases the chances of sales, which means your ad spend will have a better return.

Increase in brand awareness


Ever wonder why entrepreneurs spend lots of money on building their brands? It’s because having a strong brand helps customers trust them. It keeps customers coming back and puts them ahead of other businesses. When people trust a store, they usually keep buying from it. One way to build this trust is by making more people aware of the brand.

  • Using Google shopping ads is a good way to do this. Even though the main goal is to sell more, these ads also make more people aware of the brand. 
  • Google uses something called CPM to determine how much a brand is worth. CPM means cost per 1000 impressions, and it’s about how much an advertiser is willing to pay for 1000 views of their ad. 
  • The cost depends on things like how much the product costs, the industry, and how many other businesses are competing.


Google shopping ads are easier to manage.

A digital marketing company in Jaipur chose Google shopping ads because they are easier to manage. When you use text ads, the advertisers have to choose keywords and bid on them. With Google shopping ads, there is no process of selecting keywords. There is no keyword bidding! Google will decide the keywords for you based on the data feed for your product. What’s more? You can craft that data strategically to get better results. Using Google shopping ads, you only have to send Google your product data, and Google will match the keywords with your products.

It helps drive qualified traffic.

When you use Google shopping ads, you get qualified traffic. How? Well, the shopping ads will appear before organic results and search ads. Moreover, if the ads can answer search queries, the chances of people clicking on your site increase. Google shopping ads will redirect visitors to your site. Thus, you get visitors directly to your site, which doesn’t happen when you choose Amazon or other e-commerce sites for promoting your website. On Amazon or Flipkart, you may sell products, but you will not get website traffic. With Google shopping ads, traffic on the website is possibly crucial for promoting and growing your business. 

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A digital marketing company in Jaipur looking to scale its client’s website should use Google Shopping ads to promote its products. Customers are always looking on Google before buying anything. So, if your products are listed here, sales will definitely increase. Google shopping ads not only list the products but also provide information about them. Thus, it helps a customer move ahead on its buyer’s journey, from interest to purchase. There are other benefits too, as aforementioned. In conclusion, it is one strategy every marketer should know and include in its marketing strategies to ensure the business thrives.

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