Things To Consider While Building Doctors Appointment Application

Anyone talking of technology creates an image of high-tech innovations, supercomputers, and more, but anything related to the medical field hardly comes to mind. But that’s just the opposite of the actual scenario. Today, one can stay in touch with their doctor through CRM apps, order prescription medicines online, and, most importantly, check availability and book an appointment with the doctor through a doctor appointment app.

A Doctor Appointment Booking App allows the patients, doctors, and healthcare to simplify the appointment process through the smartphone. These apps can be helpful for patients to quickly connect with doctors and share their reports with them through the app. Moreover, they can also get prescriptions and medicine with the app. 

Use of Doctor Appointment Booking App

An appointment booking app should come integrated with features that connect patients, healthcare technicians, and doctors all together to a single platform. Generally, the app comes with basic expendable features like sharing reports, booking slots & medicines, asking for prescriptions, and many more. Additionally, the app has more features like video consultation, medical alerts, smart notifications, etc. This makes the app more useful for every user.

Must-Have Features of any Doctor Appointment App

The Doctor Appointment Booking App comes with three different panels, or you can say that there are three various apps for each user. Each panel has the unique and seamless features that it offers.

Patient App Doctor App Web Admin Panel
Easy Login Doctor Profile Secure Login
In-App Chat Reject/Accept Booking Manage Patients
User Profile Set Availability Approve Doctor Profile
Treatment History View Patient Details Manage Ads
Schedule Doctor Treatment History Treatment History
Doctor Location Edit Booking Slots Service Module
Appointment Booking Appointment Status Manage Booking App

Benefits of Doctor Appointment Booking App

Any doctor appointment app has some advantages for both patients and doctors. And if developed systematically with the latest technology integrated into it, it can be the most helpful platform for doctor-patient communication.

Booking Appointment Online

Traditionally a patient has to go to the hospital or doctor’s clinic and wait for the appointment in a queue. And if the Queue is long, one might have to book an appointment for the next day or so. So, in any case, you have to commute to the doctor’s to know if an appointment is available or to book one for later.

With the introduction of appointment booking apps, you don’t worry about waiting in queues to make appointments with the doctor. One can easily book an appointment with a doctor according to their preferred date and time. This way, you don’t have to step out of the house until your appointment is here. Recently many popular platforms have emerged where you can book appointments with most doctors of a city or locality.

Online Consultation

Patients can consult the doctor online through video-call with the app easily. Patients can share their symptoms and problems on the app, and the doctor can diagnose the patient through the app. 

With advancing technology and help from renowned doctors, some platforms are also testing automated diagnosing apps where you get instant help and prescription based on your symptoms and health issues by the app itself. Later you can choose to connect to an actual doctor if you don’t feel satisfied with the recommendation.

So if you are planning a doctor appointment application, you should definitely consider including this feature in the app.

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Medicine Delivery

The plus feature of the app for patients is that they can also purchase medicines online. Patients can search for the drug or upload the prescription to place an order. And you can get your medications delivered to your doorsteps.

Online Profile

Patients want expert doctors that are experienced and have excellent academic qualifications. Before booking a doctor, patients look for information about the doctor. The app can help you recognize the available options of doctors in your vicinity and book an appointment with them. 

One can also check testimonials and reviews from other patients and visitors of the respective doctor. You can compare the quality of service, experience, and cost of treatment to make a wise decision.

Cost of Developing a Doctor Appointment App

Calculating the exact cost of an app is not possible, and the functions and features decide the estimated cost of the app development. Usually, the cost of developing an app with the most basic features will be approximately $15,000.

The technology involved in developing Doctor Appointment Application

Developing such apps requires several technologies that ask for mobile app development expertise. Therefore you must outsource the project to a professional app and web development company for a well-optimized and best-performing application. 

The essential requirement for the project is as follows:

  • Expertise in Programming languages like React JS or Node for UI/UX.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs.
  • Backend database for maintaining records of patients, doctors, appointments, etc.
  • Videotelephony and other communication feature integrated for live consultancy.
  • Online Payment gateways.
  • Inventory of medicines or links with local medical shops for medicine delivery.

Based on these required technologies, you can get a quote from the development company and estimate the project’s final cost. 

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