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15 Reasons Why Codelgniter Framework is preferable for Development

reasons why codelgniter framework is preferable for development

PHP is the most popular programming model for development. The IT sector’s toughest challenge is to build a web application that covers all aspects. There are 50+ PHP frameworks that make coding and programming easy. CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks in PHP, which is used for developing a full-stack and functional website.   … Read more

Web Development Vs Web Designing- Is There Really A Difference?

Web development and web designing are the most commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted terms by the majority of people. No doubt, both the terms seem quite misleading considering their similarity pertaining to bringing improvement and optimization in the websites. Most people generally consider them as one and the same thing or interchange them without realizing their differences. The … Read more

Latest Web Technologies That Will Transform Web Development In 2022

Web Technology

As new technologies and innovations are being introduced in the market constantly, web developers need to stay updated with upcoming trends and development to keep their business alive in the market. With around 1.74 billion websites in the market, companies are competing with one another to stay on the top rank on the search engine. … Read more

Node.JS Framework : New Level Of Web Development

node.js framework

As new technologies and innovations are being introduced every day, the market is also growing rapidly with these innovations. Various coding languages are used for coding mobile applications, such as Objective-c is used for creating iOS apps, Java for Android apps, and .NET for windows apps. But for the development of web applications, JavaScript is … Read more

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