5 Best Free Website Design Software For Beginners

Web designing platforms allow you to create websites quickly through drag-and-drop features without the involvement of any coding. This software offers customized templates that you can use for quick website development. Here are the top 5 website designing tools that you can use for your next professional website.

The Top Five Website Designing Tool


Wix is a website building platform, not a coding platform. With the free version, you can have storage about up to 500 MB. If you purchase the unlimited plan, you can have unlimited storage with no Wix ads. Wix is suitable for beginners due to the following reasons:

– No coding is required.
– Easy to use.
– User-friendly.
– Wix has powerful features.

Wix allows you to access more than 500 templates, video backgrounds, image editor, animations, and social buttons. The drag and drop editor allows you to access all the tools and features you need while creating a website. Recently Wix Turbo featured is introduced which enhances the performance and speed of the website.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver allows the users to code a website easily without doing a lot of programming. The software has options for HTML and video editing.

Adobe Dreamweaver is suitable for professionals for the following reasons:

– Building a responsive design.
– Customizing the website design.
– HTML support.

Users can also use existing templates from the software to create a website. The template helps you in creating a website you want without using someone else’s designs.

As the websites developed using Adobe Dreamweaver are responsive, they can be easily optimized on desktops and mobile devices. The user experience of the websites designed using Adobe Dreamweaver is not limited to a particular service.

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If you do not have any idea how to create a website by coding, then Weebly is the perfect platform for you. It has the option of drag and drop tools to create a website.

The Weebly website design software is suitable for beginners because:

– Mobile-friendly
– Easy to personalize
– Professional look

You can use existing templates from the online store to create a website without doing any coding. Although Weebly gives you access to a limited number of themes, the designs created with Weebly are clean and have professional look. You can personalize each theme, and as the themes are responsive, they work well on both mobile devices and desktops. The feature of SEO is built-in and you can also post ads on Facebook directly.


Probably WordPress is different from other websites as it acts as a CMS (content management system). Through WordPress, you can create a website just in minutes only, like this website. Also with one click, you can install various hosting packages on your website.

WordPress is suitable for beginners for the following reasons:

– Access to numerous features.
– The installation process is easy.
– Access to pre-built website templates.

After the installation of WordPress, the administration and backend management becomes easy and user-friendly. You can also go with pre-existing templates to create the website. There are free templates as well as premium templates.

If you already have a website design, you can use the drag and drop functions with the templates. Use the downloaded design that has a built-in framework so that you can have a professional-looking website in the end.


Just like Weebly, you do not need expert coding skills to create a website using Webflow. These cloud-based platforms allow you to create websites without any requirement for coding skills.

The platform has the option of a drag and drop interface that allows you to drop elements like texts and images on the page from the available options.

The advantages of using this website design software include:

– Truly cross-platform.
– Drag and drop GUI.

Webflow offers a free tutorial of the website features through the web-based platform. With the free starter pack, you can create two websites. For more, you need to buy a premium package.


So if you are planning to build a website and do not have any idea of coding, then these are the top 5 platforms that can come in handy for you. Each platform has its own unique features and drawbacks. So choose the one which is best for you.

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