How to Create the Perfect Logo Icon – Best Guide

If you are about to create a logo icon for your website or mobile application development, the following guide can help you big time in designing an effective logo. We agree that looks matter. And with mobile apps, there is also no exception. What will influence you if you are planning to buy shoes? The answer is color, looks, fashion, and size. The same thing happens in the App Store. Applications with higher reviews, clear descriptions, and screenshots win. 

But the first thing that is going to attract your customers to your app is an attractive door. And by an attractive door, I mean an icon. This article will discuss how you can create a winning logo for your app. A logo must depict trustworthiness, authority, and creativity at the same time. And also, it must define the product so that your audience can confidently click on it for installation.

Things You Should Know Before You Start Logo Designing

We will definitely see the tips and steps involved in logo designing, but before that, there are a few things that one should know about logo designing. Following are the key points that you need to keep in mind at all times when designing a logo.

  • Your logo should define your brand: A logo is the very first impression of a brand. If your logo is not impressive and expressive enough, your audience is going to underestimate your brand as well.
  • Understand the role and purpose of the logo: Your logo needs to fulfill the purpose of introducing your brand, product, or service. But that doesn’t mean you have to include a lot of text or elements in the logo itself. Don’t think that you need to include all your products in your logo. Your brand name and logo will do that together.
  • It’s okay to take inspiration from others: You should check others’ logos and take inspiration from them. Instead of copying someone’s logo or style, you can come up with a better logo if you put some creativity into it. Begin with your competitors and keep exploring for the most effective logos designed by others.
  • Choose a logo style.
  • Finalize typography and color palette 
  • A-B test between 2 to 3 logo options and seek feedback

Tips To Create Perfect Logo Icon For Mobile App Or Website

Once you have met all the requirements mentioned above, its time to start designing logo. If you want, you can also take professional help from website designer in Jaipur as they have experts who regularly undertake such tasks. Here’s how one can design a logo icon on its own with the help of designing tools and platforms like canva etc.

1. Clear And Simple Is Not So Simple As It Sounds

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains,” said Steve Jobs. Keeping your logo simple and effective simultaneously requires high creative thinking. 

No matter what, simple things always work. People usually don’t like to use products that are complex and hard to understand. So you must avoid creating a complex icon that confuses users. The icon must reflect the app’s primary purpose, and it must be clear.

Creating a simple logo might sound like putting some shapes or text in the picture and choosing some random color that looks good. But you must remember that the logo is your identity, your first impression, and you can’t go “just like that” with it.

Using a simple icon for an application doesn’t mean that complex icons are always lost. The main purpose of the icon is to communicate the features or primary purpose of your app to your customers. If customers can quickly identify what your icon is expressing, they will find it attractive, and the chances of your app becoming successful in the market will increase.

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2. Choose Two Chief Color For Logo

The app icon palette should usually consist of two main colors, which will also be represented on the app icon. Various apps in the market have more abundant palettes, but all the palette colors should work together.

Apart from colors, various other things also attract the customers towards the app, like value, saturation, tints, Chroma, hue, shade effects, and tones. 

Google’s Material design guidelines suggest that the color of the app icon should be vibrant and unexpected. It also suggests limiting the color selection by choosing one accent color from the secondary palette and three hues from the primary palette. Accent colors should be used for action buttons and other components like sliders or switches.

3. Size Matters – Decide Size And Shape Of Your Logo Icon Smartly

Usually, the size of icons is smaller in the notification center of an iOS device, a little bigger on your device’s home screen, and huge in the app store. So it is pretty difficult to choose an image that always looks attractive, regardless of the size of the icon.

You must keep this thing in mind that your app is going to run on lots of screens and a variety of backgrounds as well. So make sure to do fully-fledged testing before launching it in the market. 

For Android, it is necessary to follow the scaling ratio of 2:3:4:6:8 for the primary five densities, medium, high, x-high, xx-high, and xxx-high, respectively. iOS devices have their own rules for scaling ratio.

Secondly, you can create a logo that appears square or otherwise round in shape. Either you can go with one shape or keep the focus elements in the center to adapt with any outer shape. You need to keep the background unicolor with no borders for this to work.

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Demerits of a Bad Icon

Bad icons don’t only look bad; they are also responsible for the rejection of your app from the app store. There are various reasons that make your logo icon look bad.

  • Using photos as your icon or logo is not a smart move. You cannot use a picture like nature or a selfie for a logo unless it justifies the application’s content.
  • Using a lot of text is also a NO-GO. It’s better to use a symbol in your logo and nothing more. Try to use minimal text in your logo and let the creativity speak for itself.
  • Inaccurate elements in the logo can also lead to failure. The right combination of colors and simple shapes makes icons look clean. Make sure the font or focus-symbol color best fits with the background color and does not hurt viewers’ eyes.

Other things you can take care of while designing a logo are:

  • Mirror reflections
  • Inconsistent shadows
  • Skeuomorphism (unless it’s really great)

Choosing the correct color for your app isn’t rocket science, but still, you need to have some aesthetic feeling and idea about the latest trend in the market.

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