Don’t Forget To Ask These Question From Web Designing Company

Are you looking to hire a web design company for your business? Now you don’t have to struggle with thinking about what you should ask from a web design company before hiring them. A website works as a source of information about your business to outsiders and to your customers. If you have a good website designer for your business, then you do not need to worry about maintaining or optimizing your website. So you must choose a web design company wisely. To know if the company you are going to hire is capable of performing all the desired functions for you or not, go through the questions in this blog before starting an interview.

15 common Questions To Ask from a web design company:

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  • How many websites have you built before?

Asking them about their past experiences will be a good start to the interview. Before hiring someone, you must know what kind of work they have done in the past and how many websites they have built and for what type of businesses. Before getting started with the company, it’s better to have an overview of their past work. By having a glimpse of their past work, you’ll be able to decide whether the company is capable of making good websites or not. 

  • What’s included in your services?

When it comes to website building, there are many things that you might be expecting from a web design company, such as copywriting, SEO, hosting, Best Website Builder, etc. Now you might be thinking that they actually provide all of these services, but that’s not true. There might be some services they deny, so before getting into employment, you must ask them about all the services you’ll be getting from them, and if there are some additional charges related to a service, then what are they? 

  • What are your research techniques for our business?

Before hiring a web design company, you must know what strategies they are going to follow to do research on your business. Website building not only involves technical skills, but there should be created, and for that, the web design company must have a piece of in-depth knowledge about your business. So, you must know from the start what research techniques they are going to use to make your website look like a major source of information to the visitors on your website. 

  • What content management system do you recommend and why?

It is important to know about what content management system they recommend or wish to use. You must understand their preference for choosing the particular content management system as there might be certain reasons behind that, such as it might be easy for them to use, they are more comfortable in creating websites using particular CMS, etc. 

But that’s not enough because it may be an issue that the content management system that they are using must not be compatible with your website or will not be providing you with the features you want in it. 

  • Will you review my existing website prior to building the new one?

When it comes to interviewing a web designing company, asking this question will play a significant role. If you already have a website, then you must ask during the interview if they’ll be reviewing your existing website or not. If you get no for an answer, then it should be a big no from your side too. It is very important for a web designer to look into the old website of the business as it will enable him to understand what kind of business you are providing and what are your business goals and strategies. 

  • Can you show me some websites designed by you?

This is one of the most popular or common questions asked by website design companies. It is important to get an overview of the past work of the company by having a glimpse of the websites made and maintained by them. It is good to know what type of websites they have built, for which type of businesses, and what measures are taken to make the website look good. 

  • What’s your area of specialty?

If you’re hiring a web designing company, you must know about their area of expertise or at least have an idea of their strengths. Web designing is a vast area in itself, and it is obvious that no one can be a master of everything. So being a hiring agency, you must know what their area of expertise is. It’s good to know about the strengths or weaknesses of a website designing company before getting started with them. 

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  • Do you build websites for one specific industry or company type?

There are web design companies that provide services to more than one type of industry. So you must ask them if they are specialized to work in your particular industry or not. When choosing a web design company, it’s better you choose a company that is specialized in your type of business. There are web design companies that provide services to such types of industries that don’t match yours, and due to this, the web design company might not be able to provide you with a unique website. 

Questions to ask from Web Designing Company

  • How many years of experience do you have in the field of website designing?

This question is very important to ask because you’ll get an idea if the company is just a beginner or an expert. If the company is new in the business, you must make sure that they are capable of providing you with whatever you expect from them. However, companies that have experience don’t really mean that they are going to be the best for your business. You must make sure that they have experience of up to 5 years or more. 

  • What is the expected cost?

You must ensure before hiring a web design company that they are capable of working with the given budget. The website designing process includes high costs, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room left for efficiency. The web design company must be capable of providing good results with minimum cost, and this is something you must know from the beginning. 

  • What services do you offer other than web design?

It’s necessary to ask this question if you want a website that just looks good. Apart from designing, they must be able to provide you with services such as content writing, logo designing, high-quality images, proper maintenance, etc. If these services are not included in their package, then you’ll surely regret hiring them later. These services help your website optimize and to appear on top of the search engine’s result pages. 

  • Will you be integrating third-party apps, extensions, etc., into the website?

After the website is designed, it becomes ready to use after adding third-party apps and extensions to it. By adding third-party apps and extensions to your website, you make the website work according to your needs, and that’s important. So ask them in the interview if they’ll be using such third-party apps and extensions or not because it is essential that the website must be capable of performing the desired functions. 

  • How will you make my website stand out from others?

There are certain factors that make your website stand out from the rest of the websites. Such as good content, high-quality images and videos, and attractive design layouts. You must ask them if they’ll be able to provide you with such services or not. Else, you can ask them about their strategies to make the website stand out from the rest.

  • How do you integrate social media into my website’s design?

The majority of the population uses social media these days. So it is important that the web design company must be able to add social media handles to your website. The social media handles help your website’s content to be shared among other people, and that helps in increasing the reach of the website. To ensure that the web design company is capable of integrating social media icons on your website. 

  • What are your weaknesses in the web design world?

Just like strength, you must ask them what they are not good at. Although it is tricky to ask from an experienced web design company, as mentioned earlier, no one can be good at everything. So you must ensure what their weak points are. 


You must have understood the importance of a website in a business. So the website must be designed after keeping the needs of the business in mind. Website designing is a very vast field and includes a lot of creative skills. After reading this article, you must have gained some knowledge on what are the aspects you should keep in mind before hiring a web design company for your business. The company that you are hiring for the purpose of website designing must be able to perform all the desired work for you and your business. 

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