Latest Web Technologies That Will Transform Web Development In 2022

As new technologies and innovations are being introduced in the market constantly, web developers need to stay updated with upcoming trends and development to keep their business alive in the market. With around 1.74 billion websites in the market, companies are competing with one another to stay on the top rank on the search engine. The main reason why developers always look for new and innovative ideas for web development technologies is that it helps businesses to grow both globally and exponentially.

Now websites are more than mere codes, they are the online face of your business or brand. Over the years, website development has become more evolved and innovative as new development platforms are being introduced constantly. The latest trends and ways that are introduced in the market make the website development process easy and dynamic for developers, and now we have technologies and platforms that allow developing a website without even coding.

As the web development industry is evolving, it has become important for developers as well as business firms to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies, if they want to stay ahead in this race. So the question is, what are the top development trends of 2022?

Since technology is evolving constantly, humans are finding new ways to perform tasks faster and effectively. Developers are also creating new technologies and features that can catapult to a brighter future. We are sharing some of the key trends that will be relevant in 2022 and beyond.

Progressive Web Development Technologies In 2022

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are native mobile applications that actually work like websites. As these PWAs have 37% more conversion rates when compared to native applications, the trend of PWAs will be in the market. The main goal of PWAs is to offer a mobile-like-app experience to users on all devices.

PWAs are more responsive and interactive that offer app-like functionality to users without requiring the download process. Most of the famous brands such as Forbes, Twitter, and Amazon are also thinking of combining web apps with native applications to decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

With the arrival of PWAs in the market, global brand identities have made their presence strong in the market. The faster loading speed, page speed, and offline way of working that PWAs offer will make this trend grow further throughout the year 2022. Here is the name of some world-known companies that have already built PWAs for their business to leverage the benefits that it offers.

  •       Alibaba
  •       Forbes
  •       Twitter
  •       Virgin America
  •       The Washington Post

By adoption of PWAs strategy, these companies have achieved the following benefits: decrease of loading time and increase in conversion rates. If you also require a PWA for your business, you can hire any web development company in Jaipur which is experienced in developing Web apps and similar technology.

AI-Powered Chatbots

In 2022, the demand for AI-integrated chatbots for communication will be on hype. Websites will be looking forward to integrating AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to offer a more effective customer experience to users.

Still being underrated, chatbots are considered one of the best and most convenient ways to engage users after they land on a web page. Chatbots offer faster responses which can help business owners to avoid user drop-off rates and communication delays.

These AI-powered chatbots collect data from various users and queries to offer better solutions to the users. Moreover, they interact with the users just like a human is communicating. To make these chatbots more reliable and supportive, cognitive intelligence and speech recognition techniques are combined together. Most of the industries such as travel and tourism, eCommerce, healthcare, etc. are also planning to use chatbots. You can use one of the following technologies for bot building:

  •       Microsoft Bot Framework
  •       Facebook Bot Engine
  •       Dialogflow

Surveys revealed that most of the users will look forward to using chatbots for getting quick answers to their queries and answers.

Voice Recognition Technology

In the last few years, the Internet of Things has gained much popularity and importance. In 2022, we will see more improvement in voice search technology. Studies revealed that by the year 2023, approximately 8 billion voice assistants will be in the market. With the increase in voice search technology in the market, many things will be affected. The voice command technology will be soon ruling the eCommerce industry. Big feet like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have already adopted this technology to introduce new heights of innovation.

With the launch of smart speakers and assistants, voice technology has reached a new level of innovation. So developers are planning to optimize websites to accommodate the voice search technology.

Web Speech API can be integrated to use voice command technology. This API is divided into two components: speech synthesis and speech recognition.

Cloud Computing 

Gartner revealed that by 2022, the market of public cloud services will reach $306.9 billion. There the cloud computing advancements will be a technology in demand in 2022. The main reason why cloud computing is in trend is that it prevents data overloading and data loss. So it can easily replace regular services. As cloud computing not only reduces the development cost, it also strengthens the entire website architecture, this trend will flip to the approach of web development. The most popular examples of Cloud are Azure and AWS.

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Dark Theme UI

This trend is already popular in mobile applications, but now websites are also adopting this for a better user experience. Dark or night-themed user interfaces are reliable and safe for the eyes. This feature not only reduces the eyes strain but also makes it easier for the users to see the content on the web page in low lights by enhancing the visibility and saving batter time. Increasing the black pixels usually saves the energy and battery of the device.

Moreover, it also enhances the overall style and user experience of the device. In the year 2022, this is one of the key trends in web development. Big names such as Apple, Android, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit have already adopted this technology.


Given the current technology scenario, most businesses have already started integrating these technologies in their business to build seamless tools. Node.Js, Angular.Js, and other frameworks will stay in trend until a better alternative takes over. If you have already planned to update your business product in 2022, choosing one of these trends will be really helpful for your business needs.

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