AngularJs Vs. ReactJs: Which Is The Best Choice In 2022?

In the early days, having a website was enough for the business organization to generate enough sales. But now as the competition is increasing with each passing day, it is quite difficult to walk hand in hand with the latest trends. As the mobile application has taken over the market, customers are turning to mobile applications to interact with brands.

And when we talk about mobile application development, Angular JS and React JS are the two major technologies that come to mind. But both these programming technologies are so closely efficient that choosing one from Angular Js vs React Js is quite a tedious task. 

Platform, features, compatibility, performance, and various other parameters need to be compared before picking one. Each framework has its limitations as well as benefits. To clear this confusion from your mind, here is a complete comparison between Angular Js and React Js.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Web Apps in 2022?

Gone are the days when having a website for generating leads was enough. Here are some important facts and figures that show why it is important for business organizations to develop web or mobile applications.

👉 On average, mobile phone user spends 201.8 minutes per month on exploring the shopping application. While the average time that a user spends on a website is 10.9 minutes/month. 

👉 90% of mobile time is spent on mobile applications and only 10% is spent on the rest of the internet. 

👉 At the end of 2020, the annual sales of mobile apps were more than $600 billion.

👉 As compared to the website, users view 4.2x more products on mobile applications. So the conversion rates with mobile applications are 3x higher.

Summing up all the stats, it is expected that website usage will be decreasing further as most of the e-commerce businesses will be developing web apps to engage with a wider audience. Before hiring a website development company, it is important to choose the best technologies and development frameworks.

And in that scenario, React JS and AngularJS are the two most used programming technologies for developing mobile and web apps. Javascript, PHP, CSS, etc. are some of the most popular programming languages and therefore these technologies always keep upgrading with new frameworks and libraries. 

React JS and Angular JS are also born out of these upgrades but have gotten immensely popular quite recently due to their ease of programming. Before we discuss the actual difference in React and Angular, we should see why we are even choosing Javascript Frameworks in the first place.

Reasons To Choose JavaScript Framework

  • It’s been a thing of the past now that the performance of web apps was a serious issue and users downloaded mobile applications for a better experience. Now with JavaScript’s framework, the performance of web apps has lifted the demands of web apps in the market.
  • Many technologies came into the market, but nothing has replaced JavaScript. According to Statista, JavaScript is the choice of more than 67% of developers and holds the top position as a popular programming language.
  • Developers are always excited about the launch of new libraries and features of programming languages to make the development process more reliable and easy. But at the same time, they also want simplicity and reliability so that they don’t have to waste half of their time browsing issues and overflowing with new technologies. 
  • Instead of using new technologies, 67% of developers prefer using existing JavaScript for developing a website or web application.
  • JavaScript is one of the most used and lightweight scripting languages that is used to develop dynamic web pages. As JavaScript’s framework is written in JavaScript language, it is easy for programmers to manipulate and use the functions according to their convenience.
  • Versatility in development and testing on both front-end and back-end is the primary reason for the JavaScript framework being popular for web designing.
  • But with so many choices available for backend, frontend, and even testing, it is difficult for developers to choose the correct framework for development. Being the top JS frameworks, it is quite difficult for developers to choose one among them.

AngularJs VS ReactJs – Comparison

The chances of an app being successful in the market majorly depend on the framework that you have chosen for development. So here is a detailed comparison of both these frameworks.

1. The baseline of AngularJs and ReactJs

Being an open-source library, ReactJs was mostly used by developers in 2019 and 70% of developers prefer using it again. AngularJs is an MVC framework that offers a complete set of features and 21% of developers prefer to use it again in the future.

ReactJs which is better considered as an open-source JavaScript library rather than a framework was launched in 2013 by Facebook. The main reason behind the launch of this framework is to enhance app performance and resolve the issues that occurred while rendering large datasets. 

In the MVC architecture, ReactJs mainly depends on the “View” and is used for creating dynamic User Interfaces for high incoming traffic. Although it is a new framework Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, and Discovery have already used this framework for developing applications.

AngularJs was announced in the market in 2009 by Google as an open-source framework. It allows developers to develop unique single-page applications. AngularJs ensures high app security and is used for features like deep linking, data binding, routing, dependency injection, and directives. 

Being used by popular giants of the market such as Amazon, Google, Snapchat, Udemy, Lyft, and more, AngularJs is considered for development by 6500+ companies.

2. Learning Curve 

ReactJs was launched to ease the development process with a wide choice of libraries so that developers do not need to re-learn the programming language. When compared with AngularJs, the learning curve of AngularJs is steeper.

As ReactJs is based on the JavaScript programming language, it is easy for developers to get straight into the development process. This is all due to detailed documentation, simple design, library, and JSX that makes the development process easy and simple. But as updates are released frequently, ReactJs requires constant learning.

When compared, the learning curve of AngularJs is probably steeper than ReactJs. It offers multiple solutions for a single problem but due to its complex framework, it requires repetitive actions.

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3. Community Support

As a developer, it is important to have vast community support from the framework on which they are working. As ReactJs was launched by Facebook and AngularJs is a product of Google, both receive great community support.

ReactJs was launched by Facebook, therefore it is handled by a huge active support community. If you are planning to hire a mobile app development company, then it must have experienced engineers that can easily work with the updates of the app without efficiently breaking it.

Whereas, AngularJs is backed up and maintained by Google and other corporations or individuals. A developer can expect constant support and help from professional developers at google and other giants.

4. Popularity

As per the NPM reports, the total weekly download of ReactJs is 10,245,189 whereas AngularJs has reached 638,437 weekly downloads.

Despite being new in the market, ReactJs has already marked 163K stars and 32.7k Fork on Github and has successfully surpassed AngularJs that has approximately 59.5k Stars and 1.578k Contributors. In a very short period, ReactJs has gained a lot of popularity as the most used and demanding framework.

Along with robust template building, AngularJs offers choices of great libraries that make the development process easy. Due to these features and functionality, AngularJs is a popular framework and is being used for development.

5. App Size and Popularity

While choosing a development framework, performance, lines of coding, and size are the things that need to be considered the most. As ReactJs has a Virtual DOM, it performs faster than AngularJs. So before choosing an app development company, you need to select a framework according to these factors:

👉 What will be the size of the app?

👉 How many lines of code will be included for development?

👉 How the app is going to perform in the market?

The two important factors that directly impact the quality of your app are app performance and size. The framework that you are going to use for development is going to impact customer satisfaction also.

The Virtual DOM of ReactJs can easily handle all the frequent UI updates of the application and also assures fast processing of the application. Moreover, ReactJs also eliminates the performance issue that occurs during the UI rendering.

Whereas AngularJs is famous for low performance while dealing with dynamic and complex applications.

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For heavy enterprise applications, AngularJs is the best option for development whereas for lightweight application development ReactJs is used. In order to achieve high efficiency with your app and programming, we recommend you hire a professional developer or an organization like website development company in Jaipur where you get skilled developers for your app.

Who is the Winner?

When the functionalities and features of both frameworks are compared, each one is a titan in the field of web app development. Giving the title of the winner to one framework will be unfair as both are best in their ways. ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library whereas AngularJs is an MVC framework. So choose your winner.


Both AngularJS and ReactJs are JavaScript platforms that offer extensive support for developing a web application. Our main aim is to help you with choosing the correct platform for development. If you are still confused about which framework you should choose, we recommend you hire a mobile app development company that can analyze your requirements and offer you the best solutions.

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