Video Marketing: What is it and how can it help a business grow?

As a business owner, are you using the best digital marketing strategies to grow your business? Did you say yes? Then, let me ask you if you are using video marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy. No? Then, your digital marketing strategy lacks a key factor that can help grow your business. Take these statistics into consideration:

  • 96% of end consumers watch explainer videos to understand a product or service.
  • 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy from a brand.
  • 91% of consumers say they want brands to make more videos.

The customers have spoken! A business has to consider these, create videos, and invest in video marketing. A digital marketing company in Jaipur is the best asset for a business looking to invest in video marketing and grow its business. Still, wondering if video marketing is worth investing in or not? Then, read the blog as it explains video marketing and its advantages for a business.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy using video to get the attention of potential consumers. With a video, you can provide more details about your products or services to your target audience. Or you can share a video testimonial from your current consumer. In short, content is king, but video is the emperor, as it can compel and engage the audience better by showing dynamic content.

There are many video types you can share. These include:

  • Vlog
  • Explainer video
  • Animation
  • Testimonial video
  • Interviews
  • How-to videos and more

Want a solid video marketing strategy? Work with the top digital marketing agency, Jaipur, today.

How can video marketing help a business grow?

Video marketing helps increase engagement on social media.

After images on social media, video is the most popular type of content to increase engagement. If you consider YouTube or TikTok, you will see how popular they are, and they are all about video. Today, even Facebook and Instagram are focusing on video. Thus, a digital marketing company in Jaipur has an SMO team focusing solely on social media and using video content to get more engagement. People watch almost a million videos every day. So, if your brand puts up video content, engagement and sales will undoubtedly increase.

It boosts awareness of the brand.

Are you struggling with brand awareness? Then, video marketing is the key. Similar to content marketing, video content can create awareness about the services or products you offer and increase sales. An SEO service in Jaipur provider will optimize your video content to reach a larger audience. The more your target audience knows about your product, the chances of them becoming your consumers increase. A video on social media sites like YouTube or Instagram can land your business a new customer. It can even increase ROI.

It increases search engine ranking.

Do you know video marketing is a top strategy used by an SEO company in Jaipur? It is because Google is emphasizing the importance of video content. Thus, having video content on your site can help it get a better and higher ranking. An SEO expert understands that videos do not directly impact the site’s ranking, but they can improve it. How?

  • By increasing dwell time: If a visitor spends more time on your site, it will increase its Google ranking. Thus, creating engaging videos for your website can help your clients stay invested in the page. An SEO service in Jaipur can help a brand decide which video content is best for them.
  • It decreases bounce rate: If the bounce rate increases, your website’s SERPs will decrease. Video can keep customers engaged, guide them toward the sales funnel, and decrease the bounce rate.

Videos can increase conversion rates.

Your SEO strategies are working, and individuals are finding your website. What next? How do you convert them into leads or paying customers? Well, video content can help. A video on your landing page demonstrates how customers can use your product or services. A testimonial video can undoubtedly help convert customers into paying consumers. Videos make people confident about their purchases, so investing in video marketing is worth the trouble.

It has a better ROI.

89% of marketers agree that video marketing gets them high ROI. The investment is worth it if the ROI is good. It is a key factor in making decisions regarding investing in video marketing.

How to create a video marketing strategy that effectively works?

Videos can increase engagement, sales, and conversions. But only when the strategy is clear and effective. So, how can a digital marketing agency in Jaipur create an effective digital marketing strategy? Well, these tips can help:

Know your target audience and the platform they are on.

Your video marketing strategy will not work if you do not know your audience. Creating buyer’s personas can help you know your audience base. Also, it enables you to know what type of video content they like and what platform they are most active on.

Know the goals you want to achieve.

While creating a video marketing strategy, you should know your goals. It will help everyone involved in the video marketing team align their goals and work towards achieving them. For instance, is your goal increasing brand awareness? Do you want to increase awareness about a new product that is launching? Or so on. Having an end goal in mind can make creating the strategy easier.

Have a timeline and budget.

A video is a shorter version of a film. It requires less resources and time but still requires hard work, is time-consuming, and is a bit expensive. To save resources, you should set a timeline and budget. Having a clear timeline ensures everyone on the project knows when to deliver. Thus, even if there are challenges, there is no delay in the final delivery of the product.

Optimize the video

Whether posting video on YouTube or social media, optimizing it for SEO helps get more clicks on it. An SEO company in Jaipur will recommend writing captions with keywords, using hashtags, writing meta descriptions and more can help a video perform better.


Video marketing is effective and helps build a stronger connection with your audience. Therefore, work with a digital marketing company in Jaipur and plan an efficient and effective video marketing strategy. With video marketing becoming cost-effective (29% of marketers agree with this), it is high time you use it to engage more customers and grow your business to new heights.

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