Effective Way Of Creating Outstanding E-Commerce Website

A website plays a vital role and acts as the first point of contact between you and the customers. It is accessible to numerous people at any given point in time provides information about your existence in the vast market. The website facilitates to offer you an opportunity to build up your brand image, create a solid customer base, and gather necessary user data, ultimately leading to higher sales and profit revenues and is also helpful in developing effective marketing strategies for future growth and success helps in creating credibility.
Importance Of Website in E-commerce Business
An e-commerce business cannot work without a website, as it is the front face of your company and acts as a versatile platform to showcase your entire range of products or services. It is also effective in influencing their purchasing decision for improving your sales figure.Designing an e-commerce website is mainly about providing a great shopping experience by displaying various products and services to the target audience. Meanwhile, it is required to keep in mind the goal of a higher customer base, conversion rates, sales, and profit revenues, ultimately leading to the growth of the business.Understanding that a website is the prime requirement of any e-commerce business calls for effective designing of the website for maximizing the sales and profit of any business. But before creating a website, its important that you understand the Advantages Of E-Commerce business for Owners, to decide the purpose of creating the ecommerce store.So, it becomes highly significant to design your website in the most effective way to stand out among the competitors and maximize your sales and profits. If you want to start a new business and build your business website, you can outsource the ecommerce store development task to the best ecommerce website development company.

The most effective way of creating an outstanding e-commerce website competitive advantage involves following the few factors mentioned below:-

Elements To Consider While Creating E-commerce Website

  •  Simplicity
  •  Easy-to-follow navigation
  •  Customization opportunities
  •  Use of colors for visual appeal
  •  Use of high-quality images
  •  Make scannable content
  •  Make it look professional
  •  Easy checkout
  •  Use social proof
  •  Mobile responsiveness


The most important thing to keep in mind while creating an excellent e-commerce website is to follow the rule of ‘KISS’ signifying ‘Keep It Simple Silly.’

The rule conveys the idea of keeping the website clear, clean, and simple without distracting too many pop-ups, banner ads, and flashy colors because the main focus is on higher sales figures rather than the cluttery look. On the other hand, for any successful business, you must know that the ultimate success is its branding. Means people know and trust the brand by its name, for which you need to keep in mind some other techniques that increase brand awareness.

Easy-to-Follow Navigation

The navigation of the e-commerce website has to be relatively easy for making it user-friendly.

Make an effort to design the product pages and categories easy to navigate. The customers should be able to perform easy and hassle-free searches for the products and filter them further according to size, color, brand, or product category.

Easier navigation of a website makes the customer happy and influences them to stay on the site for a longer time to make a positive purchase decision resulting in higher sales and profits.

 Customization Opportunity

Your e-commerce website should have a convenient layout, typography, and iconography and should have lots of customization options to make it look visually pleasing and appealing to the target audience.

Utilizing customization features and attractive ready-to-use templates on your e-commerce website will surely help you stand apart from your competitors.

 Use of Colors for Visual Appeal

Color is a potent tool, and it can make or break the deal. Judicious use of colors can prove to be a deciding factor, so you need to use it to your best advantage.

Different colors can induce different feelings, emotions, and actions, so choosing the right balance of colors for your e-commerce website becomes a highly significant factor in determining the success of your e-commerce website.

According to studies, color psychology defines red as a color invoking feelings of excitement and passion, which are considered driving factors for making the purchase decision. The studies show that a red-colored purchase button can help increase the conversion rates by a whopping amount of 34%.

Likewise, the blue color is used extensively in websites and logos to portray feelings of trust, loyalty, and credibility.

The significant thing to remember here is to use the right mix of colors in your e-commerce website for the best impact on target customers’ eyes.

 Use of High-Quality Images

Incorporating high-quality and relevant images into your website design can act as a driving force to attract audiences and help in increasing the conversions rates.

Displaying good quality professional images of the actual products from multiple angles on your website serves as a great stimulant to people for making the decision regarding your products.

 Make Scannable Content

Research has proven that most of the audience read only 20% of the text on any website, and the audiences prefer to scan the content for essential information instead of reading it word by word. Hence the content designed on your e-commerce website should be in a scan-able format.

You need to break your content into an easy-to-scan format.

  • Try keeping the sentences and paragraphs short in length.
  • Use bold font for critical information
  • Use bullet lists to break up large blocks of texts

The more scannable the content is, the easier is its absorption by the target audience and more likely their chances of making a positive purchase decision contributing towards the sales of the products from your e-commerce website.

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 Make it Look Professional

The most effective way to create a fantastic website involves Investing in a professional website to build trust and relationships with your customers to achieve ultimate success.

Customers come to your website with the primary intention to buy your products and services and might require to share some sensitive information related to payment like debit/credit card information to complete the purchasing procedure.

So, it becomes vital to safeguard their payment security, or else you will end up losing potential customers, drastically affecting your sales figures.

Moreover, the font, color palette, and footer designs on your e-commerce website should be consistent from page to page. And all the product links and buttons should be in proper working conditions to make it look highly professional. Otherwise, the customers will not take your site seriously for making a positive purchase decision.

 Easy Checkout

You need to focus on designing a simple and neat checkout page through easy navigation.

If your checkout process is complicated and clumsy, customers are likely to avoid it and opt for competitor websites offering easy checkouts for their convenience.

Therefore, providing a simple, easy, and hassle-free checkout page on your website is a must for higher conversion rates and sales. Explore Tips to Consider While Choosing Best Payment Gateway in E-Commerce to make your platform user friendly and enhance their buying experience.

 Use Social Proof

While designing an e-commerce website, you need to look for different ways of showing positive feedback to your potential customers.

Adding a star rating section where people can give their product rating. Adding a testimonials section where you can feature customer photos, and their quotes and experience can help build customer relationships and trust.

The more your website visitors see that other people have had a positive experience shopping on your site (whether that’s through reviews or testimonials), the more trustworthy you’ll appear—and the more your conversions will go up as a result.

 Mobile Responsiveness

In recent times shopping over the mobile phone has gained immense popularity. It offers customers the benefits of convenience and flexibility where they are free to do the shopping anytime according to their comfort and convenience just at the push of their mobile phones.

The use of mobile phones for your business has helped create a lot of opportunities both for the e-commerce business and its customers.

Thus, your website must have a compatible mobile interface for reaching out to more customers. Before you go, we think “How to start an e-commerce business in India?” could be a useful piece of information for you.


For any e-commerce business to be successful, the foremost thing to focus on is inarguably its website which acts as the front face of your business in front of your customers.

Your e-commerce website should not only be visually attractive but should offer easy navigation and checkout features to make it look more convenient and user-friendly to drive more traffic and sales.


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