4 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins 2022

A timeline is a graphical representation of all important events in the journey of something, which shows a company and its work in a historical period. A timeline on a WordPress website helps display the brand’s journey and present the organization’s most important events, achievements, or other important dates to make a historical roadmap of the business presented in a visually engaging way. Creating or Designing a timeline on your WordPress website can be a hectic task if done without plugins.

There are plenty of plugins for timelines in WordPress, which are generally called WordPress timeline plugins that is specifically meant to design and display a timeline-like pattern on a website. Here are some handpicked plugins to be chosen from the list below that are most likely to attract you with their features and appearance.

wordpress timeline plugins

 Handpicked WordPress Timeline Plugins

  1. WP Timeline: 

It is one of the most popular and highly rated plugins to create horizontal and vertical timelines. It has over 60 ready-made timeline options that are completely customizable and responsive. It provides an opportunity to display all the needed information on the website timeline. 

  • One can customize the timeline announcement’s font, color, or order. 
  • As many timelines can be created as the project demands, opening up many options. 
  • Tags can be added, and the content can be defined, which needs to be displayed on the timeline. 
  • One can also choose animation effects from over 40 animations to add images, videos, or other media to make it more engaging. 
  • It supports WordPress posts, pages, and other post-type formats, which makes it possible to display a wide range of content differently using the timeline format. 

WP timeline also has a set of templates for displaying the timeline, which can be checked in the options on the plugin website. It can be used in different ways, like templates that include single and multiple-column layouts, vertical and horizontal options, or custom text decoration to the timeline description. 

There are even light and dark modes to be chosen from; apart from this, granular controls which provide more customization opportunities are also present.

The timeline can be inserted into the website content using the corresponding shortcode after entering the plugin’s interface. This kind of well-coded plugin will help let WP Timeline work with any theme on WordPress, which has been built to follow all the coding standards making it a versatile addition to the WordPress timeline plugins.

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  1. Cool Timeline: 

It is another WordPress timeline plugin that makes it possible to highlight the company’s events or achievements. It displays a vertical and horizontal timeline which makes advertisements of the brand possible in an elegant manner. 

With the help of this plugin, posts can be created, images can be inserted, height can be mentioned, and a well-designed timeline can be created. The content can be filtered based on specific criteria using this plugin. It also helps in choosing single-sided or double-sided timelines to catch the audience’s attention. 

While being short on space, the compact timeline, which has more room available and greater text and more content, can be a handy choice. An option to create a retina-ready compact timeline is also available in this plugin. It helps enhance the blog feed of the website by automatically populating a timeline with blog posts according to the published date in ascending or descending order.  

With this timeline, this plugin can easily handle a screenshot of the site alongside the day of redesigning. The premium version of the Cool Timeline offers more ready-made designs with advanced features, including animation effects.

On a side note, if your website is not developed on WordPress, you can still get a custom build Timeline for your website. This can either be done through graphic designing or programming, for which you can hire experienced professionals like web design company in Jaipur or online, who can design one for you.

  1. Timeline Express: 

It is a free plugin with a positive user rating, which has been installed on over 20000 websites. It is very flexible, letting you choose from all sizes and scales for the website with customer images and font awesome icons. 

It is a worth plugin having 

  • an option to add animation to your timeline 
  • control the display of the timeline like “ok showing” or “hiding the day”
  • providing an option of adding read more link to every timeline entry 
  • to change the direction quickly from ascending to descending
  • And, one can also customize images on the timeline. 

There are awesome CSS animations available for the timeline having multiple configuration options that specify the excerpt, announcement of the timeline, hiding the date of h announcement, displaying and specifying order between ascending or descending, or creating a set of customized images. 

More such features can be added to the website via shortcodes, letting you choose from various collections of icons, images, and fonts. A paid version of timeline Express is also available to add more features and functions to the timeline plugin.

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  1. Elementor Timeline Widget Addon: 

It is a free add-on to the Elementor page builder plugin. This add-on can create vertical and horizontal timelines for the WordPress site. The widget’s advanced settings allow it to add and customize fonts, icons, images, colors, and content inside the timeline story. 

This plugin provides a greater selection of 10 plates and features than others, like many animation effects, pre-design templates, and advanced functionality that can make the timeline look even more enticing. 

It helps in adding images for highlighting the story of the timeline and also helps in managing the typography of the story title, description, and fonts for making the timeline more attractive. 

Having the elementor builder installed and activated on the WordPress site and being a part of this ecosystem lets you add the timeline in the elementor preview where all the changes that are made can be seen live. 

To enjoy more advanced options, upgrading to the pro version of this plugin can expand the functionality of the timeline designs, animation effects, and much more.

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 Leaving the final decision to you

Hopefully, the best choices of plugins for the WordPress timeline have provided enough information to make an informed decision by knowing about various features associated with every plugin. The best plugin for the website must be chosen to provide the best user experience.

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