How to Migrate Your WordPress Site with WordPress Duplicator

WordPress Duplicator plugin is the most valuable and powerful tool that helps in migrating, cloning, and moving the WordPress website to a new hosting server. It is a difficult task to transfer all the themes, plugins and images, and all the other data individually every time you change a server, so now it has become easier to move everything with a WordPress duplicator. There Are many reasons for which you may need to change the location of your WordPress website, mainly when you want to change the host of your website, or swapping domains, change the staging site, for the purpose of backup, etc., so now you can perform everything using a WordPress duplicator plugin. you can either take assistance from a Website development company or you can yourself use this plugin.

Benefits of WordPress duplicator

No need to set up a new site— With a WordPress duplicator plugin, there’s no need to set up a brand new site for moving your site from an existing server to a new one. The WordPress duplicator helps migrate, clone, and move a website to a new hosting server along with all the existing themes and plugins you are using. 

Free of Cost— The WordPress duplicator plugin is available free of cost. If you wish to change the hosting server of your website, you can download the WordPress duplicator plugin from here: 

Easy Backup— The WordPress duplicator provides the ability to move, clone, and migrate the site from one location to another. This plugin provides an easy backup utility. 

Convenient— The duplicator plugin is very handy; it makes the transfer of a website from one location to another by following a few easy steps. 

WordPress Site

Steps to migrate WordPress Website using WordPress duplicator plugin:

  • Download and install a WordPress duplicator on your existing website. 


Click “ADD NEW”

Search WordPress “DUPLICATOR.”

Click on “INSTALL NOW”

After it is successfully installed, click on “ACTIVATE.”

  • To export website 



Click “CREATE NEW” on the top right of the page

  • To set-up package 

Click on “SET-UP,” then NEXT

After everything’s been scanned, click “BUILD.”

Now you’ll see two files, “INSTALLER” and “ARCHIVE” (.zip format); download both the files

  • Take the WordPress site live 

Now you’ll have to take your WordPress site live from localhost. 

  • After that, a wizard screen will appear.

You’ll have to click “I have read and accept all terms & notices.”

Click “NEXT”

  • To run the site installer

Go to the installer script on your web browser from wherever you’re copying it. 

Click “RUN DEPLOYMENT” (in that case, your existing data in the database will be overwritten, make sure you have entered the name of the new database). Click “OK.”

If you’re getting errors copying any particular plugin, click “RUN UPDATE. “

Then you can test your site by clicking “TEST SITE.”

  • Make sure you clean up after using the duplicator plugin. If you still get an error, then it means you have not deleted any files successfully, Try deleting them manually. 

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The WordPress duplicator plugin is a free-of-cost and easy-to-use plugin. You must have understood that this plugin provides an easy way to move, transfer and clone a WordPress website from one location to another. The above tutorial is designed for you as a guide on how to use a WordPress duplicator plugin. This plugin is handy and convenient for users. This plugin comes with a five-star rating and is used by most users to transfer their WordPress website from one location to a new one.

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