Accelerating Digital Development with GitHub (Open-Source Community Platform)

As a programmer, did you ever wish there was an active social networking platform for the programming community to brainstorm, discuss and share your ideas for better outcomes?

Do you want your ongoing software projects to be more secure, agile, and transparent with better collaborations to accelerate your work for better results?

Well, here comes the solution in the form of GitHub which is the best open-source community platform to help you enhance your organizational productivity and results that allows multiple people to make independent changes to a project at the same time. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the social media platform of the programming community in India.

Over the past year, the number of contributions on the community open-source platform of GitHub has increased by 75% in India, compared to about 40% for the rest of the world. The number of contributors to the public repositories has also increased by 80% as compared to the previous year.

In fact, over 1 million developers in India created their first repository on GitHub, making it the world’s fastest-growing country in terms of developers contributing to open source. Going by this fact, we can expect a growth rate to the tune of 5.8 million to this open-source community platform.

Over the last year, the number of contributions on the platform, such as issues and team discussions, increased by 75% in India, compared to around 40% for the rest of the world.

With these facts and figures in hand let’s discuss in-depth this open-source community platform, GitHub.

In this blog, I will highlight the importance of GitHub and how being an open-source community platform, proves to be significant in accelerating Digital Development.

What is the GitHub platform?

GitHub is a web-based interface that uses Git, an open-source community platform control software that allows multiple people to make independent changes to web pages at the same time.

It is a web-based Git repository hosting service that provides all of Git’s distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality while also introducing new features. 

Unlike Git, which is strictly a command-line tool, GitHub offers a web-based graphical interface, desktop and mobile integration, and other features.

GitHub is basically a community open-source platform for joint collaborations wherein you can manage projects, host and review codes, and build software alongside 50 million other developers, from open source to business.

It encourages teams to work together to build and edit their site content as it allows for real-time collaboration being an open-source community platform.

GitHub is the best open-source community platform that brings teams together to solve problems, move ideas forward, and learn from one another and helps them in many ways that include: 

  • For writing better codes
  • Locating the appropriate tools
  • For chaos management
  • Project Transparency

Advantages of GitHub 

As you are well aware modern app lifecycle management goes beyond source code management and version control to include full lifecycle practices that integrate teams and functions, eliminate waste, and shorten cycles across all aspects of software development, from idealization to production operations.

  • As an open-source community platform, GitHub allows multiple developers to work on the same project at the same time, reducing the risk of duplicative or conflicting work and potentially shortening production time. 
  • GitHub allows its users to write their content on external word processors or  Google Docs and then lets them save these files to their respective project boards.
  • It also enables developers and content creators to have a master copy of the files which aids in tracking changes throughout a project.
  • Developers can use GitHub to build code, track changes, and innovate solutions to problems that may arise during the site development process all at the same time. 
  • It can be used to create, edit, and update website content even by non-developers.
  • It allows teams to manage their work with transparency and agility. 

GitHub is popular among developers because it focuses on providing the best possible environment for developing code, whether alone or collaboratively. Digital GitHub allows hundreds of developers to contribute to the same code base without fear of losing or overwriting work, thanks to GitHub’s open-source community platform offering such advantages. Organizations of all shapes and sizes took notice after witnessing the successful projects being built in open-source communities.

It helps to meet the needs of some of the most difficult business environments, including highly regulated industries ranging from automotive and finance to farming and medicine.

If you too are interested in utilizing GitHub for your organization and are interested to learn more about it, you can take the assistance of a renowned web development company in Jaipur to facilitate it for improving your organizational performance.

Key Features of GitHub

GitHub comes along with many salient features that are worth mentioning and include features such as:

Key features of Github

1. CI/CD

 Automate the process of moving code to the cloud. With GitHub Packages and built-in CI/CD via GitHub Actions, you can cycle your production code faster and simplify your workflow.

2. Secure Development

Working together to secure software. On GitHub, development teams from all over the world can collaborate to secure the world’s software supply chain from fork to finish.

3. Code Review

Code review is the surest path to better code, and it’s at the heart of how GitHub operates. Code review becomes an essential part of your team’s process thanks to built-in review tools.

4. Apps

New ways to interact with GitHub. We’ve got you covered if you want to simplify your Git workflow or use GitHub on the go.

The desktop version of GitHub offers advantages such as

5. Hosting

GitHub hosts hundreds of millions of private, public, and open-source repositories. Every repository includes tools for hosting, versioning, and releasing code and documentation.

6. Project Management

Use GitHub’s project management tools to plan ahead of time, stay on track, and get more done. View the big picture of your project, track and assign tasks, and so on.

7. Team Management

Building software is about managing teams and communities as much as it is about writing code. Manage and grow teams, keep discussions on topic, establish community guidelines, and so on.

  • Visual Studio Extension for GitHub
  • The GitHub Learning Lab
  • GitHub on the go

Most Valuable GitHub Repositories For Digital Development

GitHub is a massive network for software development with over 2 million organizations and 30 million accounts. It also has more than 96 million repositories. 

Though there are millions of repositories that we use on a regular basis, we are mentioning only a few popular and valuable ones that are used widely.

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Valuable GitHub

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an open-source community framework intended for improving the user experience by creating optimized pages for mobile users.  It comprises speed-optimized JavaScript, HTML, and cache libraries that help in the smooth and fast loading of web pages on mobile for enhancing the user experience.

Facebook React

It is a front-end and open-source framework that allows users to create reusable components to be utilized for improving the front end of Facebook. It helps by creating different threads to fetch important data from various endpoints which facilitates faster website loading.

It aids developers to build faster, cleaner, and more responsive applications which are really useful in developing countries having exorbitant internet rates.


WordPress is a free and open-source community platform for content management systems that features a plugin architecture as well as a template system. WordPress powers more than 60 million websites, including 33.6 percent of the top ten million.

WordPress has made blogging accessible to the average user, unleashing a flood of self-expression and community building that has fueled a slew of digital development initiatives.


It is an open-source data visualization tool to create an array of dynamic and customized graphical representations and charts that can be updated in real-time using various filters. It is the foundation of iHRIS 5.0’s reporting functionality, allowing users to construct graphs enabling iHRIS to display data from any FHIR-compliant application.


Python is considered the best programming language as well as the programming language of the future. It is widely used as a starting point for beginners aspiring to be programmers.

It has a beautiful interface, simple syntax, and a big library of toolkits. It also consists of popular and mature packages such as NumPy and Jupyter, and a vast library of instructional resources. Moreover, it can easily be used for interaction with other prominent coding languages like C and C++.


Elasticsearch is yet another platform of open-source search engines that allows users to create sophisticated apps that display relevant content rapidly. It enables users to store data without having to conform to the same format every time and allows users to dynamically adjust the appearance of their information as their business cases grow.

Elasticsearch is used by iHRIS 5.0 to store data simply so that it can be shown meaningfully with a visualization tool such as Kibana. With a simple script, data can be synced to an Elasticsearch instance from any FHIR-compliant server to enable a more in-depth search than is currently available with FHIR.


CommCare HQ is another open-source online service that has been independently identified as the most often used mobile platform for frontline health workers, and it offers a vast array of digital health apps for over 600,000 FLWs globally.

With advanced Offline First technology based on a contemporary, scalable open-source foundation, CommCare HQ provides a platform for teams to swiftly design, deploy, and manage mobile apps capable of providing complicated longitudinal task aids all the way to the last mile.


Node.js is also a community open-source software programming language that helps in creating both the frontend and backend components of a website using JavaScript. This enables front-end developers to write their own back-end programming.

Node.js also allows the server to connect with the client, whereas most web servers only allow the client to communicate with the server. It is also incredibly lightweight, which means that it will not require a powerful web server to execute.

The backend of iHRIS 5.0 is powered by Node.js. This enables iHRIS to be readily transferable to new servers and to serve consumers in impoverished countries who may not have access to high-performance web servers.


Kubernetes is an open-source deployment and scaling solution that helps to scale-up apps just as one can do on Amazon’s cloud.  It is inspired by Google’s Borg cluster manager and has a lightweight technique to create separate places for programs.


Ansible is an IT Automation engine that helps teams manage servers and distributed backend services. Ansible adds enormous value to digital health teams hosting national-scale on-premises installations, allowing engineers to share the efforts they are putting in not only to design Open Source tools but also to set up and manage them at scale.

Besides these programming languages, you can also explore “5 Best Free Website Design Software” and see how you can make a website with drag-and-drop platforms.

GitHub Accelerates Digital Development

Many enterprises are progressively embracing open-source community platforms and more specifically GitHub for better transparency and higher work productivity.

The pandemic has hastened digital transformation and compelled businesses to adopt more adaptable working methods in order to continue to innovate and remain relevant. The digital GitHub Enterprise adoption by Indian businesses has more than tripled in less than a year.

Major companies like Infosys, InMobi, Cognizant, ShareChat, Capillary Technologies, Swiggy, and many more have chosen GitHub to collaborate and build the software that powers their businesses, accelerating digital transformation, regardless of where their developers are based.

An Effective Control Tool 

GitHub is also the home of the world’s most important and popular open-source projects. From the **Linux kernel** to **Kubernetes**, and all the way up to today’s most popular languages and frameworks like **Go**, **Angular**, **React**, and **.NET core**.

With almost all IT solutions these days relying on open source projects, it’s likely that these projects can be found on GitHub. As a result, GitHub is the best place for your company to participate in these projects, even if it’s just keeping an eye on the pulse or raising issues if you are looking for an open-source community platform to improve your performance.


Wrapping Up

GitHub is the best open-source community platform for collaborative projects. It is also known as the social platform for programmers which brings together the community of software developers to share, interact, and collaborate for bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their projects.

It also allows teams to manage their work with agility and transparency across projects. Adopting an open-source community platform like GitHub can keep development efforts transparent and agile, secure, and on track with collaborative software development culture.

Hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and found it informative enough to utilize it for improving your organizational productivity leading to positive results. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ of Github

1. What is GitHub?

GitHub is an open-source community platform management software that enables several users to make independent changes to web pages at the same time. It is a web-based interface that makes use of Git.

Github is essentially a community platform for open-source collaborative projects. It is also known as the social platform for programmers which brings together the community of software developers to share, interact, and collaborate for bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their projects.

As an open-source community platform, it invites teams to collaborate in order to produce and modify their site content and brings teams together to solve issues, advance ideas, and learn from one another, and it benefits them in a variety of ways.

2. What are the advantages of using GitHub?

GitHub is the best open-source community platform that brings teams together to solve problems, move ideas forward, and learn from one another and helps them in various ways such as:

  • GitHub enables numerous developers to collaborate on the same project at the same time, decreasing the danger of duplicative or conflicting effort and potentially lowering production time.
  • GitHub allows developers to simultaneously write code, track changes, and invent solutions to problems that may occur throughout the site development process.
  • It also allows developers and content makers to have a master copy of the files, which helps them track changes throughout a project.
  • Even non-programmers may use it to create, modify, and update the content.
  • It enables teams to organize their work in an open and agile manner.
  • GitHub users can also compose their content in external word processors or Google Docs and then save it to their project boards.

3. Is GitHub a cloud service?

GitHub is a website and cloud-based service that allows developers to store and manage their project codes, as well as track and control changes to it.

4. Can you do coding on GitHub?

Yes, GitHub can be used for coding. More sophisticated procedures can also be written in code by users. A development team may use GitHub Actions to associate a certain trigger like new code uploaded to a project with a specific action like running a series of tests.

5. Is GitHub free

GitHub offers GitHubFree to the users where they can work with an infinite number of collaborators on an unlimited number of public repositories with a full feature set and an unlimited number of private repositories with a limited feature set.

6. Is GitHub a Social Media Site?

GitHub is a code sharing and publishing service as well as a social networking site for programmers where the programmers can come together to share their project ideas, solve problems and collaborate to bring efficiency to the projects.

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