Top 12 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

As a web developer, are you on a constant hunt for helpful tools for your developmental projects?

Well, Google Chrome is an immensely wonderful tool offering a plentitude of useful chrome extensions for Website Designers. These Chrome Extensions for Web Developers can be used for a variety of designing and developmental projects.

With the ever-increasing number of new Chrome extensions available, it is difficult to select the best chrome extensions for web developers which can be both useful and effective.

The Chrome extensions are basically the apps that can be installed on your browser to modify its functionality and provide a more personalised user experience. Chrome browser plugins are useful in a variety of ways and hence choosing the appropriate chrome extension for web developers is highly significant. 

The number of Chrome extensions for web designers is growing rapidly creating a lot of confusion concerning the right choice from the available options. 

Let’s have a look at some of the top chrome extensions for web developers that every web developer and designer should consider utilizing for their projects.

chrome extensions for web developers

Top 12 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers 2022

1. Fonts Ninja 

Google chrome extension for web developers,  Fonts Ninja is a Chrome add-on that identifies fonts and provides information about them. This font finder examines available styles, foundry, and pricing. The algorithm checks both the fonts and their CSS characteristics.

2. WriteWell 

It is a free online writing tool that is also one of the most useful Chrome extensions for web developers.  This Chrome extension not only detects spelling and contextual errors but also provides a variety of handy templates to help you write more quickly and can be easily downloaded from the Google webstore to make writing easier.

3. Image Downloader 

With a single click, you can search for and download photographs from the web. This one of the must-have chrome extensions for web developers will help you save time by allowing you to browse photos on the current page, filter by width, height, URL, and much more.

4. DomFlags 

It is a developer-created addon for creating keyboard shortcuts to DOM components. If you want a speedier dev tools process, you should absolutely add DomFlags to your Chrome browser.

5. GitHub

If you spend a lot of time on GitHub seeking new projects to work on, Githunt is one of the top chrome extensions for web developers to get started with. Rather than relying on GitHub’s trending projects feed, this Chrome developer extension emphasizes all trending projects in a new tab area in your browser.

You can search for projects in various languages, read a brief project description, and view the number of active issues. You can even go to the project and check it more by selecting it from the tab. If you enjoy contributing to new projects, this is a great option as the Chrome Extensions for Web Developers.

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6. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is a cool magnified web page picker. It’s a great Chrome developer plugin since it can instantly recognize any color on any web page and zooms down to allow you to set a border as little as 1px wide. While you may not use it on a daily basis, it is a fantastic tool to have on hand.

To use ColorPick Eyedropper, simply click the colour wheel icon after installing it. Your cursor will change to a crosshair. Mark the area you wish to identify, and the RGB values and hex will show on the right side of the screen.

7. Site Palette

Site Palette is a Chrome plugin that takes the primary colours from the currently active webpage. You may use this tool to create and share your favorite colour palettes. You can also utilize Adobe Swatch support or get a Sketch template.

8. Highly Highlighter

Highly Highlighter is yet another developer tool for Chrome and can be found on the Chrome store and allows you to capture and share highlights rapidly without having to go through the process of screenshotting and then editing the screenshots. You can highlight as you read using his add-on.

9. Window Resizer

This plugin resizes your browser window to make your website more responsive. You can select from a list of commonly used screen sizes for desktop, mobile, and laptop or quickly add your own unique sizes and resolutions. This is also a must-have chrome extension for web developers in 2022.

10.  Sizzy

Sizzy makes it easy for designers and developers to test their websites across numerous viewports. It makes it easy to test your design in real time. It provides an interactive view of any device or screen size. You can even emulate a mobile keyboard and toggle between landscape and portrait layouts.

When you install a Chrome extension, a button will be added to your toolbar that, when clicked, will access the current URL on the Sizzy platform.

11. Checkbot

Checkbot can scan your website for security flaws as well as assess the speed of your website’s page loading. It provides designers with a way to discover common problems and offer improvements in site security, search engine optimization, and site performance.

Checkbot detects designer and programmer issues in real-time, saving you the time and effort of having to go back and inspect your work again. It helps analyze a website for best practice SEO, broken links, duplicate content, and other issues using over 50 best-practice metrics. The programme also validates CSS, JS, and HTML.

This programme is excellent if you’re seeking a high-quality solution that will mend broken page links, assure unique content and page names, and remove redirect chains.

12. CSS Viewer 

CSS Viewer is another simple yet powerful Chrome plugin for web developers. This plugin, as the name suggests, displays the CSS attributes of a given website wherever the mouse hovers. A little pop-up window emerges, displaying the CSS data for the element you’ve selected.

This is a pretty clever addon that quickly identifies crucial CSS attributes wherever your cursor is pointed.

Hope these Google chrome extensions for developers would help you immensely

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