Node.JS Framework : New Level Of Web Development

As new technologies and innovations are being introduced every day, the market is also growing rapidly with these innovations. Various coding languages are used for coding mobile applications, such as Objective-c is used for creating iOS apps, Java for Android apps, and .NET for windows apps. But for the development of web applications, JavaScript is the priority of developers. Every year, new frameworks and JavaScript-based libraries are launched to make the development process easy and smooth for the developers. When AngularJS and ReactJS were launched, they kept trending in the market, but later on, Node.JS Framework changed everything.

According to reports from Statista, 51% of developers switched to NodeJS in early 2020, leaving all other frameworks behind.

Below mentioned are some facts and stats why NodeJS become has become the first choice of web app developers.

  • With NodeJS, the development can be reduced by 58% and the app performance can be increased by 50%.
  • More than 80% of developers use NodeJS for web app development.
  • Some of the major websites such as PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, and eBay use NodeJS for server-side processing.
  • NodeJS is the 8th most used server-side programming language.
  • It has around 55,682 stars on GitHub.
  • As per the W3tech survey report, NodeJS holds the top position in the market.

These facts and figures show that NodeJS is not going anywhere in the future as it offers a great development platform to developers. But before moving forward, let us discuss the baseline of NodeJS.

The Baseline of Node.JS Framework

NodeJS is a very strong web app development platform that allows developers to operate web applications without any hassle. As NodeJS contains various tools and libraries, it makes the development process easier for developers to create networking and server-side applications. As the server-side JavaScript frameworks are integrated with the JS engine of Google Chrome, the application developed with NodeJS can easily run on multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. Here are some benefits of using NodeJS for your next web app development:

  • To enhance web performance, it offers a single codebase.
  • For maintaining and developing the app, NodeJS offers long-term constant support to the developers.
  • NodeJS is loaded with V8 engines of Google to speed up the framework. This is why businesses prefer hiring a Website development company for web app development.
  • As NodeJS is based on JavaScript, it offers a low learning curve.

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When to Hire NodeJS Developers?

There is no doubt that NodeJS is still a priority for 51.2% of developers, but if you want to leverage all the benefits of NodeJS, you need to understand how to use it. So here are some points to help you out.

Data Streaming Applications

If your next project deals with live stream application development, then NodeJS is the perfect choice of framework for you. It allows you to develop an app that can stream media, and processes file upload as well.


As NodeJS is a lightweight and fast development framework, it is considered as best fit for writing Microservices.

API Server

If you want to develop single-page applications for backend services, then NodeJS is worth choosing as it can easily handle multiple servers.

To make the development process easy and smooth for developers, multiple NodeJS frameworks have been launched. But the major question is which framework you should use. Here are the top

 5 Node.JS Framework For Web App Development

  1. Express

Being loved by more than 73% of developers, Express is the very first choice of developers. Being a dynamic NodeJS framework, it allows the developers to customize the look and feel of the application according to their preferences. NodeJS is lightweight, so it is incredibly fast and helps in directing routers and servers. Moreover, NodeJS is the best choice for single-page application development. Some more benefits of using Express are:

  • Seamless data integration
  • Scalable, robust, and fully customizable
  • Supports 14+ engine templates
  • URL based routing mechanism using HTTP
  1. Koa

Koa is the next big server-side framework that allows developers to create server-side applications that can handle errors efficiently. This framework also offers generators that help in avoiding call-backs by normalizing the Node flaws. You can also manage various content with the same URL such as personalizing content in an eCommerce website and translating a page.

Benefits of Using Koa
  • Lightweight structure to boost app performance
  • Allows developers to customize the high-level application
  • ES6 generators help in avoiding call-backs
  • Follows modular approach for easy development of complex web applications
  1. Hapi

It is an open-source and centered server framework that is used for web app development. Hapi offers great development support so that team can easily manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Due to its high-security features, developers use this framework for developing proxy servers, REST APIs, and other desktop applications. Moreover, it also has a wide range of built-in plugins that eliminates the need for using any unofficial middleware.

Benefits of Using Hapi
  • Offers great support for amazing plugins
  • Makes development easy for distributed and large size teams
  • Offers extensible support with reusable components

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  1. Meteor

Being a full-stack development framework, it allows developers to build real-time mobile and web applications with flawless operations. As Meteor uses a single API for both front-end and back-end development, it can be used to create heavy-duty web applications.

Benefits of Using Meteor
  • Requires less coding for mobile and web applications
  • The same code can be used for various devices
  • Can be easily integrated with other applications
  • Lightweight architecture

It is a full-stack development framework that offers a simple API to work with almost every service and can be used by multiple programming languages. Due to its reliability and development speed, it is used by most developers.

Benefits of using
  • In-built auto error detection and correction
  • Offers real-time analytics
  • Allows tailoring of URL for web sockets


In the end, it is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned are the most famous Node.js frameworks that can be used for web app development in 2022. But you need to understand that the choice depends on the type of web application you are planning to develop. If you are still confused about which is the best NodeJS framework for you, you should hire a web development company in Jaipur that can help you to develop the best web application for you.

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