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A logo is a symbol or a graphic design used by an organization to help identify its products, services, or functions. It can either be an emblem, real-world symbol, an abstract, or a watermark set in some type of face.

A logo plays a significant role and acts as a front face or identity of a brand or company. It creates an enormous impact in associating the image of a company in the minds of customers.

It gives your customers information about your brand and lets them know if it’s right for them. Hence, one needs to design a logo very carefully considering the fact that customers will perceive and recognize your brand through your logo in the long run.

A logo needs to be unique, outstanding and should have the capacity to represent your brand well, and thus designing it to perfectly suit your brand value becomes highly significant and crucial, thus calling for meticulous and proper efforts towards designing it.

You need to ponder upon several factors and points before designing your company logo to find your uniqueness among others in the industry.

What makes a Good logo?

A good logo should be easily recognizable and should be able to represent and reflect your company’s core value. A good logo should look professional and should seamlessly fit into your brand’s identity.

Characteristics of a good logo are as follows:-

  1. It should be unique
  2. Should reflect your brand identity
  3. Should be memorable
  4. Should be timeless
  5. Should work at any size
  6. Should work anywhere

The steps followed to make a logo design are:-

  • Understand the need for a logo
  • Define your brand identity
  • Find inspiration for your design
  • Check out the competition
  • Choose your design style
  • Find the right type of logo
  • Focus on color
  • Pick the right typography
  • Evaluate your logo options
  • Integrate your logo design into your brand
  • Understand the need for a logo

The logo is an essential part of our brand as it has a huge impact on creating the first impression of your business on the minds of the customers and helps in providing important information regarding your brand.

It will be your logo that will be going forward everyone to represent your brand, be it products, packaging, website, or business card, so it becomes very important to take utmost care and efforts in designing a unique, professional, clear, simple yet and visually appealing logo that represents your brand well in the eyes of customers.

  • Define your brand identity

Your logo has the capacity to communicate with your customers about your brand. Before designing a logo you first need to introspect and understand the following facts:-

  1.  What makes you unique from your competitors
  2.  What are the core values of your business
  3.  Why did you start this business
  4.  What is your brand all about
  5.  How would you want your customers to describe you

A deeper understanding attained through answering these above-mentioned questions would surely help you to reflect better and design a best-suited and unique logo accordingly to represent and compliment your core values perfectly in front of the world.

  • Find inspiration for your design

The most troublesome part of the design process is searching for the inspiration to perfectly suit your brand’s personality and thus require a lot of brainstorming to finally come out with a well-suited logo for your brand.

A thorough brainstorming session involving deep discussions regarding many factors can be just what you need to pin down the look and feel you’re trying to achieve.

  • Check out the competition

Keep a close check on the competitors and then make strategies accordingly to highlight your brands’ uniqueness over them and try to integrate that in your logo to stand out from your competitors. For example, if your competitors in the industry follow a monochromatic and traditional theme in their logo you can opt for a more colorful, vibrant, stylish, and modern approach while designing your logo to highlight your uniqueness among everyone else in the industry for easy recognition.

  • Choose your design style

There is a hell of a lot of options available in the market regarding the key elements ranging from shape, color, typography to graphics. You can put them to your best use for designing your unique logo. Try to be creative enough in bringing out many combinations and alternatives to choose from for making the final decision on the logo.

Another factor to consider while designing a logo is the choice of the right design aesthetic for your brand. You can opt for any of them according to your liking as there is no hard and fast rule to be followed for that. Try out your logo design based on any of the design aesthetics given below:-

  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Modern
  • Fun and Quirky
  • Find the right type of logo

There are generally 7 types of logos and you are free to choose anything from the lot to suit your requirements.

The major types of logo designs are as follows:

  1. Emblem
  2. Mascots
  3. Monogram logos ( Letter marks)
  4. Logotypes (Word marks)
  5. Pictorial Marks (Logo symbols)
  6. Abstract logo marks
  7. Combination marks
  1. Emblem– Emblem logos are a combination of text and pictorial elements in which text is integrated into a symbol or an icon like the seals, badges or crests.
  2. Mascots:- These types of logos are very colorful and vibrant and make use of various cartoon characters to portray a family-friendly approach.
  3. Monogram logos:- Monogram or letter mark logos are considered minimalistic logos and are mostly used in case the name of the company is too long or difficult to remember.
  4. Logotypes or word marks:– These types of logos outrightly use the name of the company for the logo using different typography to highlight the company name which facilitates in building brand recognition and value.
  5. Pictorial marks:- Pictorial marks are typically iconographic images for easy recognition and are sometimes paired with word marks.
  6. Abstract logo marks:-These types of logo designs make use of geometric patterns and symbols. Though they look very ambiguous but provide a great deal of uniqueness to your brand.
  7. Combination marks:- It combines a symbol with a wordmark for easy recognition. Here the brand name is integrated into the graphic element or placed next to the symbol. It offers a great benefit in terms of recognition as customers can easily associate with both elements.
  • Focus on color

Choice of color plays a very important and integral role in designing a logo. The psychology behind colors is quite complex as different colors have the capacity to trigger a totally different set of emotions in the mind of customers. That’s why you should pay close attention while choosing these colors for your logo.

Black: Opt for black color while designing a modern, sleek, and luxurious look. A minimalist look for a logo can be created by using only black and white colors if you want a simple one.

White: The use of white turns out to be quite economical while designing a logo and turns out to be pretty clean, classy, youthful, and minimalistic. Being a neutral color, it can be used in combination with all other colors for creating different looks

Red: Red signifies passion, excitement, and anger. It turns out to be a great choice for brands that are youthful and loud. Red has the capacity to grab a lot of attention and thus it should be used wisely keeping in accordance with your company’s profile.

Blue: Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and maturity and is extensively used as a classic and common choice for professional

Green: Green is widely used by agricultural and eco-friendly companies trying to establish their reputation connection with nature.

Yellow: It offers the vibe of friendliness, youthfulness, and cheerfulness and is used by companies who want to look accessible in front of customers.

Orange: This is a vibrant, invigorating, and playful color but not used quite often.

Pink: It is used to portray everything feminine and girly using different shades of pink ranging from a pastel rose, magenta, baby pink, or neon magenta. This type of logo oozes lots of femininity.

Purple: Purple is the color of extravagance and luxury. Depending upon the shade of purple used it can convey mysterious, eclectic, or feminine thoughts.

Grey: It is used to achieve a mature, classic, and serious look. While darker shades look more mysterious, lighter shades are considered more accessible.

Brown: Browns are mostly used for rugged and masculine logos. It provides your brand a unique and aged look.

Combination colors: You can also design a logo by combining a lot of colors to give a different look to your logo.

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The typography used for making the logo should be able to complement its design. Mostly 4 types of typography are used extensively in the logos namely:-

  1. Serif font
  2. Sans Serif fonts
  3. Script font
  4. Display Font
  • Evaluate your logo options

Evaluating a lot of the logo designs to shortlist a few and finally concluding on one is quite a difficult task. You can make it easy by asking for feedback and suggestions from friends,  family, and colleagues for the final selection.

  • Integrate your logo design into your brand

Once you have created your logo, you should integrate it into all your branding materials like business cards, products, packaging design, and on your website.

It’s finally the time to just get going and flaunt your unique logo to the world around you.

  • Don’ts of logo designing

  1. Never complicate it
  2. Don’t try to be too trendy
  3. Need not follow the cliches of your industry
  4. Never settle for poor quality


A logo is the first thing that a customer notices about any brand as it acts as the front face of your brand in the world. It plays an important role in representing the brand and reflecting its core values in front of the world as it is one thing that is integrated into all your branding materials like product, packaging and website. Thus considering its high significance the logo should be designed by taking utmost care and effort.

For designing an outstandingly unique and distinctive logo for your brand, the most effective way is to hire a professional website development company in Jaipur which would help you to fulfill all your needs to provide you with a very solid foundation for building your brand.

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